How to treat porous hair after the summer

How to treat porous hair after the summer


After the summer is over, it's common to notice that our hair is more porous and dry (as a result of the effects of the sun, sea or pool). But there are simple ways to restore them.

Ah, summer... ☀️⛱️👙

We look forward to the season and, when it's gone, how does our hair look? In tatters.😭

But calm down, there are simple ways to recover your hair from the damage caused by the sea, pool and excessive sun. And, the best part, it won't cost you a fortune! 😉

But first, let's talk a little about the type of damage, i.e. porous hair.

If your hair is porous, it's a sign that it has suffered intense damage over the course of the season. Agents such as salt from the sea + sun or chlorine from the pool + sun are very harmful to the hair and, although they are common factors for everyone, some hair may suffer more or less from this exposure.

And this damage also depends on the type of hair: this means that virgin hair will certainly suffer less than bleached hair under the same exposure conditions.

However, the opposite can also happen depending on your attitude: for example, someone with bleached hair who is super careful will suffer less than someone with natural hair who is super careless.

That's why prevention is the best choice to make to keep your hair healthier during the hottest season of the year. So, just to remind you, next summer it's worth following these precautions to the letter:

  • protect your hair from the sun with a sunscreen;
  • after every dip in the sea or pool, remove salt and chlorine with a cold shower;
  • and frequently use products that replenish the water and hair mass lost during these days.

Also remember that, depending on the damage, recovering hair health can be a longer road, so it's always important to avoid extreme damage.

But if you haven't taken these precautions and your hair has become porous, the ideal treatment is reconstruction (essential for restoring the keratin your hair has lost). And it's worth remembering that hair also loses water, so moisturizing it is also a very important step.

For this reason, the treatment should be more complete, such as the Hair Schedule, which replenishes everything a porous hair needs.

So, in this particular case, the CCapilar should start with the Reconstruction stage, so that the treatment is better able to replenish keratin.

And with our range of Multifunctionals you can fulfill all the stages of the schedule in a super practical way and at a super low price. A success!

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