We were born to create, innovate, improve, and intensify your identity. We believe that beauty is more meaningful when it reflects what we really are.

Our history is like a thread. It is born from the root, it grows, develops, turns around, and never stops growing! A strong thread throughout its length and that's why we understand exactly what is needed to appreciate true beauty

56 years old

Yamá is the legacy of a family that has been making dreams come true and making history in the cosmetics market for 56 years.

200 products

There are more than 200 products launched with the highest quality standards, natural ingredients, and innovation.


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Timeline image 1967
Timeline image 1967


The dream came true
Mr. Paulo, was a well-known hairdresser in his city, always valuing the quality of his service, However, he missed a really good product to use with his customers. So, he decided to manufacture his own shampoos and hair cream.

The success was absolute and several other professionals wanted to have his products in their parlors, which led the Yamá’s founder to start selling them.

It was this year that Yamá Cosméticos was born, with a product that is still a success nowadays: the Yamasterol.
Timeline image 1980
Timeline image 1980


Beyond the beauty parlors
In the 80s and 90s, Yamasterol hair cream was a real success among consumers.

Its production remained the same as years ago, a multifunctional cream with natural and high-quality raw materials.

Wholesalers from all over the country ordered the product, taking the name of Yamá even further.
Timeline image 2023
Timeline image 2023


We are part of the Brazilian beauty story
Today we are one of the pioneer national companies in the cosmetics sector. We have been following market trends and maintaining the standard of our products for years.

We won the trust of thousands of Brazilian women who want the freedom to create with the support of a brand that offers products to take care of the health and beauty of the strands every day.

We have an infrastructure of 20 thousand m2 in Cotia/SP and a team of more than 300 people, who help us to create products that are part of your history.
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Provide consumers with affordable, and high-quality professional products.

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Known as one of the main Brazilian cosmetics companies.

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Autonomy, trust, integrity, quality, respect, teamwork, and transparency are the values we have carried with us since the beginning.

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