Curly and Frizzy: how to take care of it

Curly and Frizzy: how to take care of it


They are more fragile than you think because they tend to lose oil and water more easily, which is why they require special care from the moment they are washed.Hair with some kind of curvature suffers more from villains such as dryness and lack of shine because the natural oil from the scalp takes longer to reach the ends, precisely because of the curves along its length.This problem can occur to varying degrees depending on the type of curvature, which means that the hair with the tightest curvature is consequently the driest. In any case, curly or frizzy hair suffers from this type of problem. But what many people don't know is that there's a simple solution to treat it, which we'll tell you below.

The secret to a successful treatment is to give the hair what it really needs, and to do this you need to be able to identify whether it needs more hydration (water replenishment) or more nutrition (oil replenishment). And how do you know? By observing the characteristics of your hair today:

If your hair is rough and dull this is an indication that they need moisturizingso it's important to choose products that contain this benefit. But if they are dry and frizzy it's a sign that they need to replenish oils, so the type of treatment they should receive are those based on nourishing.

These are the most common problems with curly or frizzy hair, but if they also have brittle hair or split ends, it's a sign that they need to be"reconstructed", which means that they need to recover the hair mass usually lost through chemical treatments such as bleaching or coloring. In this case, to reconstruct the fiber, you need to opt for products that contain hydrolyzed protein or keratin in the formula. And it's worth remembering that for a more complete treatment, it's ideal to alternate the product from time to time, because just like our mood, our hair is always changing.🤣 Jokes aside, as the hair's needs are always changing, the best choice is ALWAYS to opt for the hair schedule because it treats all types of damage. And if you still have doubts about how to do the Hair Schedule, we've explained it in detail HERE.


Washing also requires special care with the use of milder shampoos that don't remove all the natural oils from the scalp, or cleansing conditioners known as CoWash (in this case, the conditioner plays the role of the shampoo). There is also another way to protect the hair during washing with the use of the pre-poo technique which creates a thin layer on the hair and prevents the shampoo from drying it out too much, something very easy and simple to adopt into your washing routine. To learn a little more about the Pre-Poo technique, just click HERE and we'll tell you about it in detail.


And to make caring for curls and frizz even easier, here are some of our favorites that are perfect for each treatment. > To wash

> To treat and finishThemultifunctionals are perfect for treating hair and can be used as a conditioner or leave-in to finish:

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