Pre-poo with Yamasterol

Pre-poo with Yamasterol


The pre-poo technique was invented by the gringas as a way of protecting the hair before shampooing. It's a very quick and practical process for everyday use. Want to know more?

As you already know, many shampoos contain sulphates, which not only remove dirt but also the natural oils from our hair, leaving it dry and dull. That's why, for those who still prefer to wash their hair with conventional shampoos, this is a great solution for preserving hair health.

The technique protects the hair from daily aggressions such as pollution, flat irons, hair dryers and, of course, sulphate shampoos that end up stripping it of all its nutrients. And our favorite (Yamasterol Multifunctional) is perfect for this type of treatment because it's a light, fast-absorbing cream.

Step by step

There are three very simple steps:

  1. after moisturizing the hair, apply a good amount of Yamasterol to the entire length of the hair, including the roots (be careful!!);
  2. leave on for 5 to 10 minutes;
  3. then apply the shampoo of your choice and, don't worry, only the excess cream will be removed and the real hydration will remain inside the hair.

What's the difference?

The difference is that the most common treatments are done after shampooing, when the cuticles are open. Pre-poo changes the order of the factors, but not the result. That's why the technique works as a preparation, in other words, a protection - as if we were shielding the hair. This way you leave your hair stronger for the day-to-day battle.

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